I have always been sensitive to the lives of the animals and as I got more educated about the reality of violence and cruelty to animals that most people don’t know exist, I became more of an advocate and activist for animals. I also became a resource during such disasters as 911 where I with 2 other women started a command post down at the Pier 80 to help people whose pets were stranded in their ground zero apartments.

During the Katrina disaster I spent 2 1/2 months 12-14 hours everyday doing everything possible from posting on the internet toget needed supplies to LA, tracking down people shelters to see if people reported needed rescue for pets, to connecting with on ground rescue people lettting them know where rescue was needed, to making phone calls to see if
people returned home, to connecting volunteers with rescue people on the ground and more.

I am always active in educating people about animal issues and showing up at protests, writing letters and doing whatever I can to help save the lives
of animals.

I aim to haveĀ  products on this blog that are environmentally and socially conscious as much as possible.

Living in a big city such as New York there are thousands of companion pets bringing joy to their guardians. But there is also the reality of our kill shelter, pet stores selling puppy mill puppies, pitbull fights and other horrors. My goal of this blog is to entertain, inform and encourage others to take action to help our pets and animals I n this city and to become part of my Animal Compassion Team.

If each individual can make compassionate choices not only in animal issues but in issues pertaining to people and the environment, the world can become a more humane place. It is up to people to take action for we cannot wait for large organizations to do the work. Grassroots has always been the strength in historical movements.

The individuals making a difference has been the backbone of change.
You can do your part. My message is You Can Make A Difference in the Lives of NYC Pets.