Most dog owners are unaware of allergic reactions that their beloved dog may be experiencing. The easiest allergic reaction to detect are skin irritations with the most difficult being behavioural problems. What dog owners don’t realise is that most common pet foods are the cause of dog allergies.

A dogs diet should consist of mostly fresh vegetables and meat, with the odd bone (raw) to help with dental hygiene. Most dog foods however are laced with preservatives, colourings, flavour enhancers and are also bulked up with wheat and corn. Meat in dog food is also very questionable as the dog food industry in most countries is deregulated. Also as with the food we eat, the longer the cooking time and the more processed the food becomes, the less nutrients are present.

Common dog allergy symptons include; flaky skin and dandruff, shedding of fur, irritated skin with dry flaky patches or sore red swellings and contiuous pawing and licking. These symptons are becoming more common in all breeds, with vets prescibing anti-inflamotory creams or steroid injections. Neither of these target the root cause of allergies in dogs, being diet, and can often cause further anxiety within your dog.

Behavioural symptoms  include anxiety, separation anxiety, pacing, aggression, fear of loud noises and disobedience. These are the same symptoms we read about when feeding children preservatives and colourings.

The best gift you can give your dog is a fresh home cooked meal, full of vegetables and meat. Most puppies when we bring them home love eating raw vegetables, especially carrots. Rather than turn our animals away from fresh food and onto supermarket brands, we can help them live happy and healthy lives simply by encouraging them to eat the same foods that we eat. We are hearing more and more stories of dogs who are living longer and healthier on pure vegetarian diets.

Making your own dog food is also very economical and environmentally friendly as well as the added satisfaction of knowing what your dog is eating. Adding brown rice and legumes also helps with adding nutrients and is a great way to bulk up your meat and vegetables, making your food go further. Experiment is the key when changing your dogs diet to home cooked meals. Stew like dishes are easy to create and can be stored in the fridge for a week, or make extra for the  freezer.

Getting your dog onto a natural healthy, home made diet will see the elmination of most allergies and create a happier more relaxed dog.

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