Bergan Comfort Carrier Soft-Sided Pet Carrier, Large, Black
Product Description:
Color: Black | Size: Large
Convenience for You – Security for your Pet

Practical Design and Comfort

Bergan pet carriers provide an unequaled pet-carrying experience that focuses on comfort and safety for your dog or cat. Now you and your pet can achieve maximum comfort while traveling.

Airline Compliant
Fleece travel bed is removable for easy washing
Safety belt loop allows carrier to be restrained with vehicle seat belt
Superior ventilation
Multiple convenient pockets
Padded shoulder strap

Among pet owners top travel fears are the security and comfort of their pet. Pet’s may become anxious while traveling and opening the door while on the go is not convenient. The “Pet Connect” feature appeared in the first generation of Comfort Carriers and is a pet owner’s favorite feature to this day. The best solutions are often simple.

Perfect for so many uses, including:

Around-the-town pet companionship
Trips to the vet
Long road trips
Taking pet on airplane
Comfort and convenience are key! The Bergan Comfort Carrier keeps your pet safe, enclosed and calm.

Product Description:
Bergan Pet Carriers are not only comfortable for your pet, but also distinctly sophisticated. The Comfort Carrier is a zippered opening that allows you to comfort your pet during travel. Carry your pet with confidence in this Bergan soft-sided carrier.


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