My name is Button Nose. I am a blind cat or to be “politiCatly” correct, visually challenged. I use my CPS , Cat Psychic System to navigate around and my mom ( the clown) knows how to keep a blind cat safe.

My mom is no Bozo. She’s the real deal doing kids birthday parties in nyc, therapeutic clowning at the bedside of ill children and corporate events. She is a little eccentric, but quite a funny female clown often making me burst into kitty guffaws. And not to brag but many years ago, in 1 Clown BC (Before Cat) she was the NYC party clown, Toot-a-loo, for Mick Jaggers daughters birthday party.

I am her adopted rescue cat . She did TNR ( trap, neuter, release ) in her NYC Chelsea backyard 10 years ago. There were 18 other cats from my ancestral feline family tree. Since I was blind, she brought me in and socialized me. I am so socialized and refined I listen to the “Purrccini” opera, meow in 6 languages and collect art of “Catvinci”.
She’s sleeping now. My nocturnal altar ego is coming out, “Catenstein”. Gotta smoke some kitty catnip and destroy that dog balloon animal .

And this is day 1 of my A- Mew-Sing Cat Diary. Stay tuned.

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