Cats like dogs have been man’s companion for hundreds of centuries already. In fact, it was said that during the Egyptian era, cats that died were even cremated because people back then have the belief that cats will also come into the “afterlife” together with the humankind. But today, whenever cat owners say that they have cat urns, other people think that it’s weird.

As you can see, the practice of cremating pets and placing their ashes in an urn goes back to the ancient times. This means that this is something that existed by far longer than most of the activities that people do these days. Urns for pets are not much different from the regular urns as they also serve the same purpose.

Then again, the main reason why pet lovers place the ashes of their beloved pets in the urn simply boils down to the love that they feel for their animal friend.  Nonetheless, from the olden days until now, cremation is seen as a religious or traditional undertaking, thus, it is a service that also shows how important and how much a person care for his beloved cat.

Cat urns offer many advantages and here are 3 examples:

  1. As a pet owner, even if your cat is not around anymore, it gives you the feeling that he is in a safe place rather than decomposing somewhere.
  2. Having cat urns allows you to keep the pet that you loved near you and makes you recall good times together.
  3. Hanging out with pets creates a kind of bonding that makes them like part of the family. This tie must not vanish even after pets breathe their last. Hence, pet urn is a thing that will make this connection to persist since it will stand as a remembrance that will always be present at home.

Anyone can buy these urns in online or offline stores. Some veterinarians or animal hospitals may also have them. From standard to the most extravagant types and designs, the selections for animal urns are wide-ranging so you can be sure that there will be one that you will like for your pet. Moreover, you can also choose based on type of materials used like:

  • expensive metal
  • hardwood
  • porcelain
  • clay

It doesn’t matter which cat urns you choose, the important thing is that you have something that will remind you of the bond and love that you’ve shared with your precious cat which you will never forget even if you raise a new pet again.

Raising cats to be a domestic pet is a practice that started thousands of years ago. A great bond is developed between the pet owner and the pet as they spend lots of time together. Such kind of bonding or camaraderie should not be forgotten after the pet passed away.

Cat urns are one way that you can keep him in your memory and continually cherish him as if he is still around. Bestowing your cat with the most decent burial that you can afford will benefit you more than your pet will because it is one way that you can heal faster from your loss as well as paying respect to your animal friend, for the last time.

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