If you are looking for a mature person who has had pets all her life and really understands dogs and cats I would love to care for your pets while you are unable to.

I know that for many of us our pets are like family and I treat them the way any family member should be treated. With respect, care and love.

I put your pets safety and happiness first.  Of course I do the basic tasks of  feeding & litter box management & water for cats.

But then….

cat sitter manhattanI love to pamper your kitty giving mesmerizing chin rubs, a super massage, petting session, groovy grooming. plentiful playing &  chit chatting  about stimulating topics.
Your cat will be the king or queen of the day.

It is fun & quality time together. Your kitty will feel secure and happy.

I follow your instructions to keep your pet doing the things he/she is used to keep them as stress free as possible.

Why hire me or any professional?

Do you really want any Joe Schmoe watching after your beloved pet? Your pet is a sentient creature and is dependent on a human for proper care.  I have heard many “nightmare” stories and I have my own, of using friends,neighbors or hiring a young person to save money, who really aren’t “animal people”.

Animal people are people who pay attention and tune in to what is going on so proper care can be taken. For example when I was much younger I hired a young man to watch my cats. I came home just in time. My male cat was blocked and a few hours later he could have been dead.

A true animal lover and experienced person should recognize signs of distress and know that a vet visit is necessary and when an emergency requires immediate attention.


I am an animal advocate and truly care about animals. I don’t just look at this as just a job. I am very serious and concerned about your pet. Very often I have gone beyond on the call of duty giving extra unpaid time to make sure a cat is ok and well taken care of.

Why have in home sitting?

I watch your kitty whether you need my services for a day or for weeks. I am like a stand in guardian giving your cat the best professional and gentle care to keep your cat as stress free as possible, happy and content. I do what I can do reduce any loneliness or potential upset.

If you have one cat I recommend to leave on a radio or tv during the day so your cat has a form of company after I leave. I give your feline a great play session to relieve any boredom.


nyc catCats like stability and being in their own environment provides that.They love their daily routine in their own space.

You kitty is like a little person. I don’t know about you but sometimes when I hear my cat run across the floor it sounds like a little person running.

I want you to feel secure and I encourage people to use their intuition when hiring a pet sitter besides seeing how your potential sitter interacts with the kitty and how they are in your space. I want you to feel peace of mind when you hire me.

I have very good boundaries and do not snoop around your apt looking at things and being noisey so know I respect your privacy and space.

The great thing about developing a relationship with your sitter is that your cat will know the sitter and feel right at home, no pun intended when your sitter arrives so kitty won’t have the stress of having different people come by to watch the cat if you use friends and neighbors.

Also if last minute emergencies come up and you need a sitter right away it is easier to contact the sitter you have been using. And  if they have an extra set of keys this is a great thing to have set up so you don’t become stressed if your plans don’t go smoothly or there are some snags like delayed flights etc.

While I visit I keep them feeling secure they, feel relaxed and let their true
inner kitty out.

Also being in a kennel puts your cat at risk for catching illnesses and diseases if there are not separate quarters. If your kitty is in  a cages most of the day that can also be a stress factor.

Upsetting a cats place of comfort is not necessary when you have a sitter come to your home. A cat gets used to cat care in manhattanthe sitter and happily looks forward to the daily visits making kitty feel safe and secure in his own home.

I look forward to meeting your and your fabulous feline to see how I can meet your pet sitting needs.

They will feel secure and relaxed while I visit.

The Reviews Are In.  4 Paws Up.

“I have been a customer of Marilyn’s for a year now and my experience thus far has been nothing short of wonderful.  Frequently, I must leave town with little notice and Marilyn always goes out of her way to accommodate my schizophrenic work schedule.  She has helped me out of many tight spots and for that I am quite appreciative.

Marilyn is professional, responsible, reliable, diligent, thoughtful, conscientious, honest, and truly caring when it comes to watching after my two cats: Chet and Lupe.  I always have a hundred things of my mind when leaving town at the drop of a hat but worrying about my two guys is never one of them.  Thanks to Marilyn, I know my cats are in great hands and for that I am truly grateful.”– John H

CALL NOW 212-989-8549

Last minute or emergency jobs are ok. Best to call but can also email at:
[email protected]

I offer any services related to you pet. Taking your cat to vet when you can’t or assisting you when you go to vet, picking up supplies, etc.

I do focus on the Chelsea and Greenwich Village areas, but depending on availability I can do other areas.

And because I am an “animal actionist ” , I am truly committed to my convictions. Therefore I do not sit for pets that are bought out of stores which get their pets from puppy & kitten mills or breeders. I don’t want anything on any level that is related with industries that involve cruelty and exploitation and or adds to the overpopulation epidemic whereby millions of healthy adoptable pets are exterminated”

Competitive rates start at $25 for 1/2 hr visit for up to 2 cats.

3 Cats $30
4 cats $35

In June of 2014 their will be a slight raise in charges.

I recommend longer visits for 2 or more cats if you want a more playtime for each.