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When it comes to our canine friends there are a few basic necessities that is required and dog collars is one of those. The good news is there many cheap dog collars available which look great, are well made & get the job done.

There are different types of collars depending on how you will be using them .Standard dog collar

They usually fall under 2 categories. Those that are designed for training dogs and basic collars that are needed so a leash can be attached for walking your dog. The collars also have an attachment to put a dog tag with information in case your pet gets lost.

When it comes to cheap dog collars don’t be fooled thinking they will be a piece of junk. Smart shoppers are always finding sales online. You can often find better prices on the internet than at the store because there are no overhead costs.

Many top brand name collars go on sale especially at holiday time. You can find really cool designer collars that may be older style or being discontinued. They will sell these dog collars for cheap to easily
clear out the inventory.

Looking online for cheap dog collars will make it easier to see the endless possibilities versus going to a store where you will see a limited number of collars. With the endless colors, designs there should be one that strikes your fancy.

dog collars haute coutureYou can go for designer styles if you like to make a statement and if you don’t care about price there are  jeweled collars  for the upper class pooch. Just like their human counterpart there are Haute Couture Dog Collars available for 100’s of dollars.

Most basic or standard collars are made from nylon or leather. Usually you will find a dog tag looped or hooked on the collar and a smack hook where you can easily attach a leash. The dog id tag is a very important safety feature all dog guardians should use in case your pooch gets loose and runs away.

You can read reviews to see what other customer think about the different types of collars. You want to make sure they are sturdy since you don’t want it to rip or fall apart. You want to ensure safety of your pet.

Just like most stores, there is most likely a return policy so if for any reason the collar is not the one you like for your pooch you can most likely return it.

For super protection at night there are the glow in the dark collars.

There are basically 2 types.

The phosphorescent collar works by absorbing light & then it sends it out again. If your dog has run out of the house this can be a life saver as your pet will be easily visible to you and if he ran into traffic at night vehicles can spot your dog.

There are reflective dog collars that do just that. They will reflect light that gets directed at it. You may have seenreflective dog collar the bright orange or green reflective vests that traffic workers use on the highway at night or joggers who go out at night. These clothes help increase visibility. These collars basically do the same thing.

There are also training collars such as the classic metal choke collars and spike collars. There are electric collars which are controversial to their use.  It is very  important you learn how to properly use these collars for the safety of your dog especially with the classic choke collars which can be deadly if used wrong.

When it comes to collars there are so many choices of colors, styles, and materials they are made from. Just pick the one that strikes your fancy and  remember you can save yourself some money by looking into the cheap dog collars on the market.

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