Having a dog at home comes with some challenges. A pet, to some extent, is like a kid so there are some annoying behaviors that must be fixed too. The most irritating manner of a pet dog is his barking. It surely gets bothersome when he would bark non-stop. The good thing is that there are products which can be utilized to stop them from barking unnecessarily. The most well-liked by pet owners is the citronella dog collar.

How it works?

As it is a collar, it is fitted around the dog’s neck. For your pet’s safety and comfort, the collar is adjustable.

It looks similar to the regular dog collars. The difference is that it has a microphone and a small tank that contains the citronella spray. Once your pet barks, the attached mic will pick up the noise and automatically spew out a subtle mist. Dogs normally have a strong sense of smell so they tend to pick up scents very fast. Dogs find the odor of citronella disgusting and unpleasant. Hence, they will stop barking once they sniffed the spray.

This action will let your pet know that his barking will bring on the repulsive smell so he will avoid doing it to sidestep the smelly consequence. The citronella dog collar is clearly the most humane and easiest way to effectively train your dog.

What it is the spray made of?

The collar has a small container attached to it and this is where the citronella oil is stored. It is safe to use, will not harm anyone or anything because it is all-natural. Citronella is made from exceptionally aromatic grass that originates from southern Asia.The plant is processed to turn into oil and used for many purposes including as citronella spray for dog collars. Compared to shock dog collars, this is by far the gentlest means to train a dog.

Why use Citronella dog collar?

This collar is for teaching and encouraging good habits in your pet. You can easily get rid of the not-so- nice behaviors. Additionally, you can make use of this collar to prevent your dog from running away or to make him stay put in a designated space in your home or backyard.

Is it effective?

Pet owners who have used this product have given it the highest rating when compared to other dog training tools sold in the market these days. The citronella collar is suitable for all dog breeds and will have the same effect regardless of the pet’s size. However, bear in mind that no dog training gadget is ever 100% effective, although these collars are so close.

Further, these collars are intended for training pets to refrain from excessive and ceaseless barking but you must not ignore the fact that his woofing may also be due some health problems or other reasons which may require your immediate attention.

The citronella dog collar is a training instrument; it is not for controlling a dog’s behavior. Hence, never expect your misbehaving dog to suddenly become very obedient after putting on the collar. This is not designed for this purpose. To discipline your dog or teach him good behavior, work closely with him while he is wearing the collar. If properly used, in addition to putting a stop to the barking, you will also see improvements with his manners.

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