Animals? Pets? NYC ? Are you a member of a dying breed of people who acutally give a damn and dare to care about animals.
Are you a person who shops compassionately and would rather sacrifice something if it saves a life.

Are you someone who choose compassion over concepts.
For example many think riding the nyc carriage horses is romantic. Thats a concept, a fantasy an idea. Maybe that is true for the people, but there is nothing romantic about horses being treated inhumanely, out in horrid extreme weather conditions, and having to be forced into a game of Russian roulette as they are forced to be out in the middle of NYC traffic. 5 Horses were already killed in just 3 years. They are forced to inhale toxic waste from the exhaust of buses and cars. There is something wrong with this picture in 2010.

I have witnessed horses in sub below freezing weather and watched them in violation of laws.

You can look into their eyes and see how unhappy they are.

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