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We love our best friend our dog and many of us have them safe inside the home with us to protect them , keep them safe and take care of their needs as if they were a family member. Sometimes some situations may call for having a dog outside, confining them inside or we may travel with them and that is when we need to choose from the many dog kennels that are available on the market.

The History of Dog Kennels

Dog houses or dog kennels have been around for quite some time – as far back as thousands of years ago and during the reign of Egyptian civilization. Back then, dogs were even worshiped from time to time as they were considered messengers of the gods. Most other pet dogs were also cherished as companions and hunting partners. In any case, the wealthiest Egyptian noblemen in those times would spend money to have professional trainers groom and train their dogs as well as creating mud-brick dog kennels to serve as their homes.

How do we choose a kennel?

We want to find a dog kennel that is very sturdy and can withstand the most extreme of weather conditions if you are using an outdoor kennel. For any type of enclosure you want it to last a long time and be made of materials that don’t fall apart or can physically hurt your dog. Here are some types of kennels you can look into to start with.

Outdoor Dog Kennels

Welded Dog KennelAs mentioned before when you are dealing with outdoor dog kennels you want it to withstand all the elements. One such outdoor kennel is the Lucky Dog welded kennel 4’x6′.

It can fit on a patio or in a backyard.  This is a nicely made structure that consists of a 2 step coating process that includes galvanizing the kennel after welding and then adding a powder coat. This is great for it removes sharp edges which could potentially hurt your dog.

The raised legs makes cleaning easy  which is a great bonus and it will prevent the build up of bacteria which is not good for the health of your dog. The sturdy mesh wire is 10 gauge adding stability.

There is also dog-safe latch which is lockable so if a dog is jumping up on it is won’t easily open.

The reviews it has received are good and big strong dogs were unable to break through the kennel or damage it, including a powerful pitbull. Many customers found it really easy and quick to assemble and there were no tools involved. And we know how people like things easy and uncomplicated. It is also usable to house cats as well.

The roof is triangular which is great in case it rains and  the coating of the wire prevents rust.

Another of the many dog kennels available for outdoors is the Precision Pet Courtyard Kennel which also functions as a dog run. Your pet can run & play and get exercise in this pen. Can be used indoors or outdoors. This is another easy to put together product.Dog Kennel-Precision Pet

Like the Lucky Weld Dog Kennel, this one is also easy to assemble with  it’s 6  38×36” large panels. It has a decorative silver crackle finish. The thing that is really great is that with the design of the kennel and the accessories it comes with, you are able to have flexibility in how you use it,  configure the shape and even store it.

This versatile kennel can be used as an indoor exercise pen or can be used outdoor s as a dog run. There is also a gate that comes with it. It is safe since there are no exposed wires or screws to injure you pooch.

The easy sliding corner pins it comes with makes it unnecessary for any tools. It Can’t get any easier. This product can also be used inside as exercise pen. With long and short pins that slide down over the panels it can’t get any easier to assemble.You have the short pins which you use for hard surfaces and for soft ground you use the long pins. What’s really cool is that you can put the panels together in such a way you can have the shape of an 18 foot fence.

For storage it’s instant presto as you simply remove the pins and then you can  lay the panels flat and put it in your shed or garage or wherever you want to store it.


Portable Dog Kennels or Dog Carrier

When it comes to dog kennels there are many meanings and other types which are completely different and serve a  different function then the outside kennel . One such dog kennel is the portable dog carrier or pet kennel.

Petmate Pet KennelPetmate is one company that puts out a  large selection including a line of Vari Kennels such as Petmate Giant Bleached Line, Petmate Kennel Fashion Bleached grounds, & Petmate  Portable Extra Coffee Grounds.  They can hold large dogs with high poundage.

These kennels offer a great way to travel with your pets. They have durable wire windows, the door posts are covered and they include kennel fasteners that are strong & heavy duty with a secure locking door.

You definitely want a sturdy case to secure your pet and not taking changes of a flimsy case falling apart and your dog falling out. These dog kennels meet USDA and IATA requirements for shipping live animals. For the most part reviews indicate that many  like the kennels but one complaint was that the rear of the dog kennels didn’t have a vent.

When it come to being a good pet guardian protecting our pets is a top priority. Whether we need to keep our dog outside or inside temporarily or need to travel with a pet we  need the proper kennel that is sturdy, has proper space for your pet to feel secure and is safe. When looking at the many dog kennels available find the one you believe is the best for your pooch and that you feel confident placing your pet in.

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