Puppy Mills are a disgrace and immoral in the 21st century.According to the Humane Society of the United States many of the dogs that are from mills are in the City of New York. These puppy mill pet stores are popping up at alarming rates .
It is emotionally  upsetting to the New Yorkers who know that the greed of these stores selling puppies as products for outrageous sums of money is keeping an industry alive that perpetuates abuse and cruelty to animals who have no say.

The Only Say is The People who will once and for all Refuse to Buy a Pet and Adopt to Save a Life

There is no excuse to buy a puppy when there is a rescue for every breed. The cruelty will never end until people stop buying.

The word must get out so that every potential buyer knows about an industry that is absolutely insidious and forces mothers to breed like machines, in a hell on earth for dogs.
YOU are there only hope.  When YOU adopt you will end this industry and save the life of a healthy companion pet.
Learn more as Charlize Theron tells it like it is

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