Dogs also deserve a good night’s sleep and one way that you can ensure this is by buying extra large dog beds. This is especially true if your pet is bigger than average dogs. But then, finding the perfect bed for your pet may be a daunting task too. You have to exert some efforts in finding the best since this will also cost you some money. To make things easier, the first thing that you must do is to know where to look.

The first place that may want to check out is the pet store near you. If you would like to further save, then the next best place to consider are the online shops. This is the cheaper way since you will save on gas money and time too. Regardless of which way you choose to get your dog bed, the important thing is that you will get the most suitable one for your pet. Here are some tips that will guide you when buying dog beds:

Size is important – here’s why

Bigger dogs are more likely to develop joint problems – this may also include their hips and spines. This is because their limbs are longer than average dogs. Their weight is heavier too, so they have the burden of carrying extra weight. As a result, they tend to have issues with their joints.

This is the main reason why getting the right size of bed for your dog is crucial. This will help them relax and have xtra large dog bedtheir muscles and joints supported properly. Dog beds for extra large dogs are the best choice for your pet. See to it that the bed’s padding is strong enough not to droop under the heavy weight of your pet.

What kind of bed to buy?

When you go out to shop for these big beds, you will find them in various shape and brands. So as to determine which sort would be perfect for your furry friend, you have to observe the way he lies down to sleep or to rest. There are beds that are wide enough for huge dogs to sprawl in.

In any case, a large rectangular bed is the best option. This will let your pet to spread out his body and have full support at the same time. The support will help alleviate or prevent your pet’s back or hip problems and this is crucial.

Extra large dog beds are also best for accommodating 2 or 3 average size dogs especially pets that are nursing their pups. Dogs love to cuddle up together so they will surely love a big bed.

On the other hand, the most suitable bed to buy when your pet have the habit of sleeping rolled into a ball is the large circular bed. This type will provide the needed back support for dogs sleeping in a crouch position.


There are many optional extras which you can opt to buy with your pet’s bed and one of them is the memory foam. Not all of dogs’ beds have this feature so you must emphasize that you want something like this when out buying. This is especially beneficial for big, elderly, and dogs with joint and muscle ailments. The memory foam will help relax the joints and avoid stiffness which they may experience due to lying down for a long time. You may also want to get some extra padding to provide utmost comfort for your pet.

extra large dog bed 2Extra large dog beds are available in various shapes and can be bought with different features too. To ensure good health and wellness of your pet, you must put extra care when buying a bed for him. Getting the right bed is really important if you want your dog to sleep or rest comfortably so don’t just buy any bed, Dogbed4less, Poi Dog, and West Paw are great brands to consider.

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