When it comes to felines, I don’t think many people associate them with having anxiety. Some people think cats are aloof, independent and carefree. But just like their human counterparts & even canine counterparts even kitties do get stressed and anxious. There are many causes of this issue but the good news is there is help. The following articles talk more about this to give us more knowledge on this.

Anxiety in cats. Learn more from the experts.

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There can be many reasons why a cat could suffer from separation anxiety. Cats who were orphaned may be more prone to separation anxiety. Too-early weaning…

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Separation Anxiety in Cats – VetInfo

Separation anxiety can exist in cats, despite their reputation of being highly independent creatures. Understanding the symptoms and treatments for the condition can help alleviate a cat’s distress.

Separation Anxiety in Cats

Cats can become depressed and/or develop unwanted behaviors when they are separated from bonded companions.

As you can see separation anxiety is one main type of anxiety in cats. Of course each cat is an individual and what works for one cat may not be as effective as what works on another kitty. This is the same with people. There are many non prescription ways to take care of you cat and get him relaxed and comfortable.

Here are some insights into treating cat anxiety.

My Cat From Hell- How to Fix Cat Anxiety

More Words of Wisdom: http://animal.discovery.com/videos/my-cat-from-hell-jackson-galaxy-videos/#mkcpgn=ytapl1 | Often when a cat is feeling anxious or nervo…

Treating a Cat with Separation Anxiety|DoItYourself.com

A cat is known for his independent nature, but a pet may still suffer separation anxiety from his mother, from other cats or from an absent owner. Treating a Cat with Separation Anxiety. A trip to the veterinarian is necessary for a cat with a

There are other treatments for cat anxiety that I highly recommend.

The Thundershirt for cats is one of them. This is a highly effective tool without any medication. So simple to use. It is more like a jacket than a shirt and simply wraps around the cat and takes a few seconds. You may see calming results almost immediately. This is great for pet visits, traveling, when you are introducing the cat into a new home, fear of noises & separation anxiety.

You can see Thundershirt in Action

Thundershirt Cats Cropped

As pet parents we want to do the best for our animals. There are ways to alleviate the stress of our cats so that they feel happy and can fully be a cat. There is nothing as disturbing as seeing a cat who is cowering in a corner, or crying or being unfriendly only because he has anxiety, an issue we can resolve.


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