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For example, animal rights and other types of social activism, including the advocacy for political prisoners if the activities do not constitute any work rule violations. I personally see corrections as a job, but others see it more as a career. I don’t think my politics fit well into the corrections setting, but that is something I keep at home. Work me is very different from “home me”. Just curious what others think. I am also very anti-drug laws(although I don’t do drugs or even drink) and have found there are police officers who feel this way as well, which seems to contradict their professional choice. I don’t advocate breaking the law, but I believe that some crimes that are non-violent are sometimes punished more severely than violent crimes because of their political impact(i.e. the SHAC 7 punished with up to 6 yrs. for publishing a website against animal testing). I feel a person can enforce rules without personally believing that they are 100% correct.
This is how I feel, but I just believe that some people might feel differently. In corrections we cannot “fraternize” with inmates in the state DOC(this would be a violation of work rules subject to termination) and we cannot do anything political on work time. I just wonder what they’d think if they saw me an animal rights rally off work time. These are becoming scary times for civil rights, especially for those in the environmental movements. The case I mentioned earlier is a prime example. I don’t believe that the 6 people involved should be locked up.
Thanks for the input so far. Let me clarify…I see my position as a job. Many others see this position as a career. I am doing the job for the money. Period. I have no intention of staying in corrections long term. As soon as I am able, I will be on to other things. I am finishing up my bachelor’s degree and plan to go into psych counselling after I get my master’s.

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