Kyjen PP01056 Hide-A-Squirrel Pet Toy, Large
Product Description:
Size: Large

Provide your dog with a new, challenging activity.

Dogs take squirrels out, you stuff them back in
Keeps dogs occupied to reduce boredom and misbehavior
Challenges and develops problem solving skills
Durable, resuable toy for long-lasting fun
Interactive dog toy – play together for bonding time
Strenghthen eye-paw coordination skills
Use for reward based training and polite behavior

Helpful Tips:

Introduce your dog to the squeaking squirrels by playing with them together for a few minutes.
When your dog becomes interested, place the squirrels in the Hide A Squirrel tree trunk. Squeak them again several times from inside.
Encourage your dog to retrieve the squirrels and praise your dog for successfully removing each squirrel.
After all of the squirrels have been removed, hide them again for continued fun, entertainment, and skill development.
Dogs may also enjoy retrieving treats or other dog toys from inside the Hide A Squirrel toy.

Product Description:
The complete line of Plush Puppies Puzzle Plush Toys will not only keep pets occupied and eliminate boredom, but they also develop a dog’s intelligence and puzzle solving skills. Just insert the balls, toys, or rings into the toy for dogs to remove over and over again. The ideal line of toys to challenge and entertain pets.

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