christmas puppies in santa hatsDeck the Paws with bows of holly as the Christmas holidays are coming. Our furry friends are like family members for many of us and getting our dogs and cats pet gifts is a running tradition.

We love to shop and find nice gifts that will make our cats purr with joy and our dogs bark with glee. Here are some suggestions that you at you may find useful for your holiday pet gift shopping.


healthy dog treat

One of the most popular food related treats for dogs and cats are Greenies.They have great ingredients that are good for your dog. It doesn’t have junk and fillers etc which just like for people, are not healthy for your pet. These are healthy and are actually referred to as dental chews. With over 1600 reviews on Amazon there must be something to the Greenie phenomenom. 


Healthy Dog Treats     Dr. Beckers Bites are another high quality pet treat that is highly recommended by  some veterinarians.They are made of pure meat treat and high quality. They are human grade and not full of fillers or grains. They are even good for pets who may be dealing with issues such as obesity, diabetes, allergies and more. It is really an all natural pet treat.



Dog beds & cat beds are always a great present because we know that our dogs and cats just love creature comforts. They have sizes to meet the needs of your pets. Whether you have a wonderful fluffy and big Husky or a tiny cute little mute there is the perfect little bed offering your pet the best in comfort.There are even dog Organic Dog Bedmemory foam beds, self warming beds, personalized bed with pet’s name on it & orthopedic beds.

There are even organic bumper bed for the environmentally conscious which is a great way to kill 2 birds with one stone. Save the environment and bring you dog comfort.

leather dog collars
Dog collars not only make great gifts but each year many dogs are never returned home when lost because they didn’t have a collar. With many styles to choose from, colors and materials this is a great gift for any pooch. For the more budget oriented there are collars that work with your budget.



Personalized dog collars are a unique way to protect your dog and make your dog feel special. Well not really…he can’t read but we can make believe he can.
For the upscaHaute coutre dog collarle canine lover who has the budget and really wants their furry friend to make a fashion statement there are Haute Couture dog collars that even the human “fashionista” would die for. There are Swarovski Crytal collars that go over the $200 mark Some collars are made with crystals and gemstone.

Dog toys for Christmas

, toys and more toys is a must on the Christmas holiday list.
Dogs love plush toys, rope toys, find things inside thing toys and all kinds fun stuff to keep dogs and puppies occupied and give them the play time they need to be happy.


If you have a newly adopted puppy and want a great potty training system and indoor potty is a great way to go. It is also great for pets that are recovering from any surgeries or medicalprocedure. This makes a great gift for Mr. Fido. UGODOG is rated one of the top indoor potty systems.

These are some of the many endless gifts available for our pets for the holidays. Our dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc mean the world to many of us. They are there for us and love us unconditionally, so the best gift of all that we can give to our pets is our love, and proper care to keep them safe and give them a long healthy life.

But giving them special lift gift for the holidays warms our hearts as well as we see them enjoying our extra special way of saying “I love you”

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