Pros and Cons Of Getting Pet Insurance

For many of us who are animal lovers, our  are pets are like family.
And when our pets are not feeling well and are sick or injured we want to get the best care possible as we would do for any beloved member of our family. The best way to do that is to invest in pet insurance.

Think about it, With the insane rising costs of  vet health care, it almost costs as much as it would for treatment, hospitalization and medication of a person.  It can end  up costing you thousands of dollars to care for your dog or cat.

This can be a big financial burden on a pet  guardian. And it is unthinkable that some people  have to have their pets put to sleep because they can’t afford the treatment. That is horrendous.

According to statistics about only 3% of Americans have  pet insurance.  Canada beats out the US with about 19% of their pets insured and the winner  at 49% insured is Sweden.

Many pet owners are undecided and not sure if getting pet insurance would be of beneficial value for them and their pets.  Lets take a  look at some of the advantages and disadvantages now to help in making the best decision .

What are the Positive Points of Pet Insurance?
nose-to-tail pet insurance coverage with Embrace

You want to be sure that in case of a medical emergency or accident you have a pet insurance policy so that you can get treatment for your pets. It is best to be prepared  because an unforeseen accident can happen at anytime to your dog or cat.

Then what happens? You may be asked at the emergency room to pay big bucks immediately.  Are you ready for that?  Do you have access to the possible of $1000’s of dollars you may be asked to pay?

This is where a pet insurance policy comes into play to help save the life of your beloved friend. The last thing you ever want to happen would be to have to have your cat euthanized for lack of money. That is a nightmare no pet guardian would want to live with.

pet insurance dog

Some insurance plans for pets may cover other services such as vaccinations, getting your pet spayed or neutered. And sometimes the insurance may pay for medications such as flea preventatives.

Some insurance carriers may also cover the costs of posters, rewards, financial assistance to you if your pet is stolen.   In some cases the pet insurance company may give you  assistance in getting a new pet .

There is another kind of insurance that pertains to kennels and the boarding of your pets if something happens to the owner of the pet and there is no one to take care of him/her. The insurance may help cover the costs involved in the boarding.

What are the Negative Points of Pet Insurance?

Like the human counterpart of insurance it can be really expensive, but you can find pet insurance companies that can have more affordable lower cost plans.  You need to figure out what is appropriate kind of coverage you want in your plan.

nose-to-tail pet insurance coverage with EmbraceThe price of coverage could vary for the type of animal and what kind of breed it is. Some breeds would incur more costs such as a larger dog like a Rottweiler for example  that may need surgery for a leg problem.

Also similar to the human insurance with pre-existing conditions, pet insurance companies would have some issues with that and maybe not have coverage for your pet. If your pet is a senior citizen and already has ailments it will be problematic in getting an insurance plan.  Many insurance companies also don’t pay the bill upfront. You would have to and you would get reimbursed for it

Sometimes you may have a veterinarian clinic that would be flexible and allow you to pay part of the bill and then the insurance company will deal with fixing the balance. It can take a few days or sometimes few weeks to wait until your coverage starts for your pet.

As with everything , there are pros and cons.  The same applies to insurance for your pet. But as pet guardians, we are responsible to our pets to care for them and have their welfare as a priority.

Having pet insurance if your pet qualifies and depending on you and your pet’s need can be a life saving decision.

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