As its name implies, pet stairs are steps especially made for pets like cats and dogs. Pet owners will  spend money on a therapeutic item like this because it can become necessary especially for an elder pet.

These steps are an important necessity because it basically improves the quality of  life for your 6 Step Pet Stairsbeloved pet. It will allow pets to easily reach places that they can’t access because those spots are too high for them. The stairs will help your dog or cat get to where he needs to in your home, safely.

How pets benefit from stairs 

Just like humans, but unfortunately a fact of life, our pets grow old becoming senior citizens of the pet world. They can become ill and develop physical challenges.  When this happens, going up and down from high places is really burdensome for them. For pets with joint or muscle problems like arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other health problems, stairs are great help in alleviating their condition.

Also, there are dog breeds that are too small that they are not able to jump up as high as the bigger breeds. The steps will aid them to reach the top of beds or sofas so they can easily join you for a nap or simply to relax together.

How pet owners benefit from pet stairs

Sure enough, pets grow up and they become heavier and bigger. Once they reach adulthood, they could become too heavy or too big for you to carry hence the stairs will save you the task of having to pick them up and set down on high spots like beds and chairs. Instead, just put the stairs near the bed or chair and they can go up without help. Besides, you may also be suffering from back pain or other health problems that makes it hard for you to lift up something heavy.

There are several types of pet stairs and they are available for different purposes. For stairs designed for indoor used, the 2 major differences between these types are the materials that they are made of and the number of steps that they possess. The size and height of steps may also differ.

Some key points to look for when looking for the right stairs for pets:

  • Pet steps must be lightweight but durable.
  • They must be stable and can stand the weight of your dog or cat.
  • The surface must be made from non-slip material to avoid accidental falling of your pet.
  • It must be soft for extra comfort and must be washable to keep cleanliness.

Luckily, there is one brand of pet stairs that possesses all of these traits and it is the Petstairz 6-step High-density Foam and Petstairz Density Removable Washable Shearling.  This product is manufactured using high-quality foam so it is very comfortable for pets to climb on. This type has 6 steps and accommodates pets weighing up to 50 pounds so it is suitable for almost all dog breeds. It measures 25”- 26” high x 16” wide x 37” length. Each step has a height of 4.25” and they are upholstered and padded to achieve maximum comfort.

Pet owners who already bought this equipment are very satisfied with it. According to them, although this is really expensive at $149.00, the money that they spent was all worth it. They also attested that the stairs are especially helpful when their pets go up to their beds. Even when they are asleep, they are not woken up by the sound of their pet pleading to be carried up on the bed. All they have to do is place the stairs beside the bed and their dogs climb up freely without waking anybody up.

So far, most of the reviews that the above-mentioned brand of pet steps are getting are positive, signifying customer satisfaction and proving that pet stairs are really useful items that individuals with dogs must have.

Pet stairs are one pet gear that you must buy for your 4-legged friend. This will help them to safely go up and down around the house and minimize pain when they are suffering from joint or bone problems or simply weak to go up or down due to old age. The benefits from these stairs are many and totally  worth the  investment. Find the best type for your pet today and make his and your life easier.





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