Getting Started With Potty Training Puppies

Getting a puppy home may be one of the best decisions you have ever made. However, along with the joy of this new addition, comes new tasks and responsibilities, among which one of the most important is potty training puppies.
You need to teach your little adorable bundle of energy where and how it should relieve itself, if you do not want to get caught up in cleaning dog poo and piddle throughout the day.

Potty Training Puppies Is Easy

Contrary to common belief, it is very easy to train puppies to do their “business” outside the house. The key to success is doing it right and doing it consistently until the puppy learns.
Here are 5 things you must keep in mind when you set out to apply techniques for potty training puppies on your pet.

1.    Watch your puppy closely – you need to watch you puppy closely for the first 7-10 days after you get it home. potty training puppiesDemarcate a place for it, and ensure that its movement is limited to that area until you succeed housebreaking it. Watch it closely for about a week and you will get to understand what it needs; particularly, when it is about to move bowels.

Potty training puppies becomes easy if you pick it up at the exact moment when it wants to relieve itself, and take it outdoors or in the place demarcated for this purpose. The telltale sings are: the puppy will start sniffing like crazy, moving in circles and then suddenly squat to do its business.

2.    Take the puppy out for a walk after meals – ensure that meal times are fixed. Keep the bowl of food available for about 30 minutes or so at meal times, then remove it from the puppy’s reach. Gradually the puppy will learn to eat its fill when the bowl is presented. Ensure that you take the puppy outdoors within 10 minutes after it gulped down  its meal.  Timing is very important for potty training puppies.

3.    Use the potty time, only for potty – when you take your puppy outdoors for bowel movement, do not play with it or encourage it to play with you. Just stand there, and wait for it to relieve itself. If you give in and play with it, it would forget to do its “business” and start playing and then relieve itself in the house on returning frpuppy weewee pads for potty trainingom the play session.  It is very important when potty training puppies that you are serious with the task.

4.    Use ancillary objects for successful training – there are plenty of things that accelerate the task of potty training puppies such as potty training pads,sprays and other such aids. These are things that emanate a smell that would make the puppy want to go for potty. The smell is not discernible by humans in most cases.

Lastly, remember to use the most powerful of all tools when potty training puppies, ie. praise. Be generous with praise and small treats whenever they “perform” and you will have a housebroken puppy who is well potty trained  in no time.

Learn Some Potty Training Tips

Potty Trained Dog-Funny Video

Potty Training Dogs Can Be Fun & Easy. Get Started Right Away!

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