What About Dog Separation Anxiety?

Dog separation anxiety is a very common problem which can affect most breeds of dogs when separated from their owners for even short periods of time. By nature a dog is a pack animal and is simply not meant to be on his anxious  dog own, he sees you as his pack member and becomes very anxious when he is left alone.

Some pets react very badly to this situation and will show their distress by chewing up carpets and furniture, or by whining and barking. When owners don’t realize what is causing this destructive behavior they think the dog is merely being naughty and often punish them, which is the worst possible course of action, the pet is quite simply missing his owner and to punish him for this is very cruel.

If you have a new puppy it is easier to train him while he is still young to accept the fact that you will sometimes be absent. Make sure he has a comfortable bed where he feels safe. When you pet him or give him treats, do it there, he will learn to associate his bed with security and good things.

Once he has ‘his’ place start training him to be apart from you. Do all the things that you would do if you are really going out. Put on your coat, pick up your keys, put your shoes on but don’t make a big fuss of the puppy, keep it casual and go outside for five minutes.

When you return, if he jumps up, whining and barking, ignore him until he calms down, this is most important, don’t pet him or even talk to him. You would be in effect, rewarding him for panicking!  When he is quiet, then give him the love and affection he is craving in his own area.

Repeat this process throughout the day and gradually extend the time that you are gone. this will allow him to become accustomed to you leaving and returning. This will also work with an older dog, but it may take longer, depending on the life he led before you homed him. patience is essential you are trying to build up your pets confidence. It is important to spend quality time together to avoid dog separation anxiety and healthy exercise is essential.

Having tried these methods, if you are still finding that your dog is anxious when separated from you, try doing all the things that trigger his distress, like putting on your coat etc, only this time, don’t go anywhere, sit quietly in your chair and read the newspaper.

Do each step both separately and all together, until your dog is so used to seeing your antics, that he is no longer afraid and takes no notice of them. To cure your dog of separation anxiety, you have to learn to think like he does and react accordingly to reassure him.

If you learn why it is happening and use the correct methods to deal with it, the problem of dog separation anxiety can be overcome successfully.

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