A healthy cat that vomits occasionally is usually no cause for concern.   However if your cat is vomiting persistently over a period of  2-3 days even if they do not show signs of any illness such as depression, loss of appetite or diarrhea this could mean something is wrong.    Consistent vomiting will make your feline weak and could lead to dehydration and further complications.  You need to find out the cat vomiting causes to help your cat recover quickly.

Here are a few cat vomiting causes and things you can do to help prevent it:

1.  Hairballs are a very popular reason cats vomit.  Cats will tend to ingest hair while being groomed, especially if your cat has long hair this will be a problem they are faced with more frequently.   Feeding your cat high fiber diet and grooming them more frequently would help prevent this problem.

2.  Inflammatory Bowel Disease is another common reason some cats vomit frequently.  Hairball vomiting on a daily basis can lead to inflammatory bowel disease.

3.  Parasites:  If your cat has worms this can also cause cat vomiting

4.  Infection could also be the cause of  cat vomiting.  A viral infection which means he has viruses will affect its stomach and the intestinal tract as well.  This type of vomiting will be accompanied by diarrhea. Viral infections will normally disappear after a couple of days if the cat is healthy.

5.  If your cat has access to poisonous materials such as pesticides, herbicides, metal, antifreeze, aspirin, cleaning agents these could cause vomiting.

6.  Stomach ulcers which is sometimes a result of liver disease can also cause bouts of vomiting

Here is what you can do on your own as well as on the advisement of your vet:

*  Do not give the cat water or food for twelve to twenty four hours.  This will allow the cat’s body to recover and should take care of mild vomiting.

*  Slowly reintroduce small amounts of foods and water over several days and this should help resolve the problem.

If the vomiting persists you should seek the immediate attention of the family vet.

As a cat owner you want to make sure your feline is kept safe and healthy.  Sometimes simple things such as changing their diet and keeping harmful things out of their way can help ensure they remain healthy and prevent cat vomiting causes.

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