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I am NOT one to legally to after people, but my Veteranarian has REALLY been screwing up on my cats’ (two of them) vaccines!!

One nearly died. …to the tune of $1300 in the ICU at the Dove Lewis Animal Hospital in Oregon.

I am no longer going to see this vet; but please help because I don’t want anyone else’s pet to be jepordized!!

I have already had a talk with the other vet that hired the one that messed up…BUT to no avail…as I see now…ummmmmmmm about 6 mos. later.

I am soooo upset. I spent about $250 today for my 2 cats and the vaccines, then about 1/2 hr after, trying to adjust all the clerical mistakes.

The vet called this afternoon and left a message on my phone about two things that she screwed up on with the vaccines…and ASKED how are my cats doing….are they ok??

I am on the verge of tears!

Please HELP. Wot can I do??
Thank you so much.

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