Stairway to Cat Heaven - Modular Cat Playground
Product Description:

The Stairway to Cat Heaven is one of our more popular advanced sets. Your cat won’t waste any of its 9 Lives going to this Cat Heaven! This is no ordinary piece of Cat Furniture. The Cozy Fur Condos serve as the “pearly gates” and a cozy shelter. Six Plush Fur Hammocks plus the roof of the Condos provide a choice of areas for resting and sleeping. There is a lot to climb and explore in this great and easily movable structure. Both you and your felines will love the Stairway to Cat Heaven, as it conveniently fits in any corner of the home and stays out of the way!

Each Plush Fur Hammock (made out of faux fur material with a canvas backing) provides a tender cradle into which your cat can sink to rest or sleep. The carpeted legs are perfect for climbing and scratching. The horizontal carpeted beams provide a sturdy framework for walking and jumping. A Spring Action Toy is set in one of the end caps.

Not only do cats love the Stairway to Cat Heaven, people do as well! The Six (6) Plush Fur Hammocks and Two (2) Cozy Condos are easily removed and are machine washable to remove any dirt or parasites. Both the Condos and Hammocks are supported by eight Velcro straps, which will support the heaviest cat. The color of the condo and hammock is designed to accent any home decor.

The carpeted 13.5″ beams are easily cleaned with a wet cloth or squeegee and are individually replaceable in the event that any are


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