thundershirtYou may asking yourself what the heck is a Thundershirt. And here’s the answer. This is an innovative jacket that wraps around and hugs your dog to help alleviate anxiety.

As dog parents we know our pets can experience situations that can trigger upset and anxious behavior. You may have seen your pooch start shaking and cowering from the sound of thunder, or start barking and howling when you leave because of separation anxiety. Traveling with your friend can cause panting or whining. And some of you may have seen anxiety if you have to crate your furry ball of love.

It can be upsetting to us to see this distress while our pet dog is experiencing  dog anxiety. The good news is that Thundershirt can come to the rescue and give a feeling of calm and security to your dog.

How it works

The wrapping action of the Thundershirt creates a mild constant pressure which creates a relaxation response. Experts believe that there may be a release of endorphins or similar chemicals which can create the relaxation response and feelings of well being.

If you think of your own experience of being hugged or gentle touch to your body, most people will feel relaxed and good. And for anyone who has had a massage with gentle pressure to the body you know how relaxed you can feel after that. It can definitely help with human anxiety.

Practices or wrapping or swaddling in babies has been used for centuries because of the positive results.  And it Swaddled Baby-Thundershirtcontinues till this day. Some believe that this wrapping action creates the similar feelings and security created by being in the womb.

T touch or the Tellington T touch was developed to calm horses. Again it is the use of gentle pressure. It is used on many animals now because of it’s positive results.
The research shows that there was about an 80% effectiveness in about 2000 dogs that were surveyed. Well the dogs didn’t answer the survey but the happy owners did.


Watch This Dog Get Instant
Relief from Noises That Scare Him

The Top Reasons Why You Should Buy  A Thundershirt.

It does the job without having to give your pet drugs or anything that can potentially have side effects. Natural, easy, non-invasive. I know I don’t want to create more anxiety in my pet by having to get him to swallow pills.

And with any drug, whether man or beast, it can end up causing harm. Some of the side effects of drugs cause more problems than the one they are trying to cure.

Buying a Thundershirt can save you money in the long run if you have to keep buying expensive medication and we know the outrageous costs in the pharmaceutical industry.

It is so easy to use. Just put it on your dog and watch the calming effect. This can also help a dog to feel more confident if he feels secure which the wrapping action can create.

He will look stylish and cool in his Thundershirt dog apparel.

Your dog will feel calm and at peace and that’s what we want as pet parents.  I wish this product was around when I had my wonderful German Shepherd Ringo who got freaked out by the sound of fireworks.  I would have gotten this for him.

This is a great investment and with a money back guarantee you having to lose but everything to gain. Your four footed  bff (best friend forever) will feel  calm and stress free and so will you to see your pooch not being victim to the outside forces that can take away from his happiness. This product has gotten many great reviews not only from customers but from veterinarians and dog trainers.  Your dog will give you and the Thundershirt 4 paws up for taking care of his needs.


You can order one right now. Great price.





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