I like meditating with my mommy, I practice the old fashioned  TM (TransCatdental Meditation). It makes me a mellow cat.

My mantra Om Meow, Om Meow is what I focus on inside.

My Guru’s Name is Swami “FishSmellAnanda”. Swami how I love you, how I love you, my dear old swami. Sometimes I just want to bite her. (instinct). It is a challenge though to sit still and meditate when outside I can hear the sound of birds singing outside my window. Last time I think they were even singing tunes from the American Idol show. These birds must be picking up sound from all our satellites.

My spiritual beliefs? I do believe in life after my nine lives. “ReinCatnation” is a stong belief of mine.

I must become discliplined for I want to become a swami cat like my guru.
Join me now in a new cat chant. Kitty Nap, Kitty Nap,
Kitty Kitty Kitty Nap.

Don’t you feel peaceful now?

Om Shanti Kitty!

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