I like meditating with my mommy. I
I like meditating with my mommy. I practice the old fashioned, TM (“TransCatdental Meditation”). It makes me a mellow cat. My mantra
Om Meow, Om Meow is what I focus on inside.

My guru’s name is Swami ”FishSmellAnanda”. Swami, how I love you,
how I love you, my dear old swami. Sometimes I just want to bite her (instinct).
It is a challenge though to sit still and meditate when outside I can
hear the sounds of birds singing outside my window.

My spiritual beliefs? I do believe in life after my nine lives.
“ReinCatnation” is a strong belief of mine.

I must be disciplined for I want to become a Swami Cat like my
guru. Join me now in a new cat chant. Kitty nap, kitty nap, kitty,
kitty kitty nap.

Don’t you feel peaceful now?