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what do you think about animal cruelty ? i think that people that mistreat their pets should be locked up in jail thank god for organizations like SPCA . i volunteered at animal shelter here in NYC and i have seen more then i wanted i have seen dogs and most of them were pit bulls with scars on their faces from fighting , one pit even had burn scars someone used him as an ash tray some had their ears cut off with scissors
puppy mills?? the most horrific place on this world i mean how can you live with the guilt that you are breeding and selling sick dogs for huge $
PA is the “puppy mill capital” of US and no offense to anyone here but its kinda cause of Mormons i have heard and read that they treat their pets like livestock if it dies then let it die they actually shoot their dogs ,im not saying that i have proof i only heard about this on TV and read something on the web as for the BYB( back yard breeders) i have no doubt that they love their pets and care for them but i think that some people are being a bit too harsh on them
ok so lets go back ot the topic
this video is just sickening its really gross and i cannot believe that someone would do this to an animal

those poor rabbits !!what wouldn’t people use to make fur coat there are ferrets, nutrias,rabbits and chinchillas but there is fake fur why not use that and i think that people that but those 10.000$+ fur coat are fcking out of their mind

i have a rabbit at home shes a 4 year old dwarf rabbit and i have 2 dogs ,well soon to be 3 at home and never in a million years i would give them away i wanna become a veterinary tech,cause someone need to help those poor babies and i admire and appreciate the work of vets and other people involved in this field
i mean that buy those coats ***
fake fun and real fur actually look like its the same it only feels differently
fake fur is made from synthetics fibers

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