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I want to get TESOL accreditation and teach in Asia–China, Vietnam, and Korea, but am open. I have a B.A. and can anybody recommend one TESOL program over another? I think it best to obtain instruction in a live classroom setting. I have debts so need to get a position where I can live decently while teaching but keep on paying the debts I have right now. Can any person who has taught Eng. as a Foreign Lang. tell me of involvement they might have (sought to have) had with “culturally sensitive” issues in their adopted countries? Thinking here of being a teacher AND doing animal advocacy work. Animal-rights kinds of issues can be political hot potatoes. I want to maximize my experience in another country but not endanger my paid employment–has anybody ever been placed by the instructors and once placed, teach while doing volunteer animal-rights work? Interested in TRUE cost of living–as a foreigner, are you charged more? Will my apt. be paid by my employers? Phones expensive?

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