KMUD’s Animal Advocate asked:

Breeders are responsible for 80% of the pet overpopulation and do not contribute to any spay and neuter funds. Pet overpopulation cost US taxpayers millions of dollars a year. 4-6 million animals are euthanized a year because of lack of regulation on Breeders.

Barbara Shutls, RN-Director
North Coast Animal Welfare Advocacy Center
Host of Animal Advocate on KMUD
At this time there is no licensing of Breeders. No oversight by most of our Federal and State entities, except for Pennsylvania who just enacted an oversight Animal Welfare committee over the puppy mills. It is the non-profits and taxpayers who pay for irresponsible breeding practices. AKC standards are substandard and do not eliminate maladaptive genetic traits with their guidelines. Hair Dressers have licenses and have no significant impact on our tax system, the community, animal species or the environment. Nurses pay several thousand dollars to get a degree to save people lives. It is time that we mandate State licenses for Breeders with guidelines set by Vets, and other Animal Welfare organizations. This would cut down on killing millions of dogs and cats a year.

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