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Christmas time is here. Wrapping presents is part of the ho ho holiday time.There is an art to present wrapping but when it comes to cats get there are special skills involved to wrap a cat. Of course this is comedy but never ever even when playing around, tape paper over a cats face.

Warning:Do not try this at home. These are professional cat wrappers.

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This rescue kitty is walking on this carpet runner for first time and having fun discovering this new phenomena. This kitty is from New Beginnings Cat & Kitten Adoption Inc. You can see many cats from 1 year & up that desperately need new homes. Located in Baldwin, NY. You can see them on

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Advocating for animals and doing hands on rescue is emotionally, physically, & mentally exhausting and can take a big toll on your health. You can fall a victim to burnout, depression, and feel powerless and so overwhelmed that we cannot help them all.  As a compassionate person and the ability to empathize we feel more than the average person who does not understand that these animals we try to save are sentient beings.

We need to take breaks, re-group, re-energize to make us the best we can be to fight for these animals.

The power of sound in healing may be a new concept for some people.  Some people don’t realize the healing power of it.

You can get your 5 free samples that can show how you can get a profound sense of relaxation to re-charge your body.  Give it a try. And if you feel it’s power you can order the different sound albums.



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